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Jobs in the Council 


Within Barking and Dagenham Council there are a number of different job roles which are advertised on a regular basis. Laid out below are a sample of these jobs, with an explanation of their responsibilities and importance to the council.
  • All departments in the Council need administrative and clerical support. However if you look closely at the adverts you will see that not all these jobs are the same - some want you to work with the public, some in finance, others are based in places like schools or residential homes.
  • Care jobs can be physically demanding but rewarding, and can include caring in a residential home or in a person's own home where you will be working mainly alone. Many of the jobs, especially part-time jobs or working with elderly people, do not need particular qualifications, but if you are interested in working with children you may need to think about a childcare qualification or NVQ.
  • The Council is always recruiting people for professional jobs - planning officers, transport engineers, computer programmers , IT analysts and social workers, to name but a few. You need specific qualifications and sometimes experience of working in these areas.
  • We have many technical jobs in areas such as building, roads and environmental services but we also have more advanced technical jobs, which can lead to being an engineer or quantity surveyor.
  • Most of our manual jobs are in refuse collection, street cleaning, driving, etc. When we do have manual jobs there is always a lot of competition for them.

HR Services

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Maritime House

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IG11 8HG


Phone: 020 8215 3001

Email: HRServices@lbbd.gov.uk