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Housing Associations 

What is a housing association? 

Housing associations are 'Registered Providers' they are not private landlords. They provide housing in a very similar way to us and are non-profit making. They are run by Committees, who are unpaid, and managed by paid professional housing officers.

People who rent a housing association property must meet their rules and conditions of tenancy.

Most associations are funded by the Homes and Communities Agency. The Homes and Communities Agency is a 'non departmental public body' sponsored by Communities and Local Government.

Housing associations offer 'assured tenancies' which offer security similar to a council tenancy. There is also a special Tenants Charter which protects tenants' rights.

In certain cases housing association tenants may be able to buy their home.

The Council have agreements with Housing Associations which means that some of their empty properties are available to people on the Council's Housing Register. These properties will be advertised in the same way as empty Council properties through the Choice Homes scheme.

Low Cost Home Ownership 

Shared ownership is a form of low cost property ownership where you can part buy and part rent. These schemes are operated throughout the borough by housing associations, which are approved, regulated and part-funded by the Housing Corporation.

There are 2 types of shared equity schemes:

  • New Build Home Buy
  • Open Market Home Buy

All applicants for any of these low cost home ownership schemes should visit the First Steps website for more detailed information.

Housing Strategy

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Phone: 020 8215 3002

Email: housing.strategy@lbbd.gov.uk