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Housing general information 

Sheltered Housing Accommodation 

What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered housing is accommodation specially designed for people over 55, or younger if you are registered disabled or receiving Disability Living Allowance. It is not a care home or residential care.

All sheltered housing in the Borough whether belonging to the Council, or to a Housing Association, is self-contained. You would have your own front door, kitchen, bathroom and lounge with combined or separate bedroom.

How would sheltered housing benefit me?

  • Help is available if you need it from our mobile or resident wardens
  • You still have the independence of your own home
  • People of a similar age live in the same block or complex as you
  • Some schemes offer communal facilities such as Television lounges and social activities

Who can apply?

Anyone who meets the age or needs criteria can be considered for Sheltered Housing whether they live in private accommodation, are a Housing Association Tenant or a Tenant of the Council.

Applications can be made whether the applicant lives in the Borough or outside. An applicant will need a minimum of 6 months residence in the Borough to meet the 'local connection' requirement.

Anyone living outside the Borough will need to demonstrate a 'local connection' either through previous residence of 3 years within the last 5 years or by having close family resident in the Borough who can prove residence of a minimum of 5 years. Without the benefit of 'local connection', the prospects of being housed are minimal.

All applications will be subject to an assessment of support needs to determine eligibility to register for Sheltered Housing. That assessment will be carried out in the course of a home visit.

Useful information can be found in our brochure

Sheltered accommodation in Barking and Dagenham

I would like to apply for sheltered accommodation, what do I do now?

An Application form can be obtained from our Offices:

Barking Learning Centre
2 Town Square
IG11 7NB 

Dagenham Library
1 Church Elm Lane
RM10 9QS 

Housing Advice Service
John Smith House
Bevan Avenue
IG11 9LL 

You can also obtain an Application Form by telephoning Barking and Dagenham Direct on 020 8215 3000.

The assessment and allocation of Sheltered Housing is dealt with by:

Service Providers Assessments Team
Adult and Community Services
Adult Social Care
PO Box 48
RM10 7DE
Tel: 020 8227 5175

Service Providers Assessments Team

Civic Centre


RM10 7BN


Phone: 020 8227 5175

Email: spainfo@lbbd.gov.uk