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Building regulations application process 


How is the application dealt with?

The process
Building control generally operates as a two-stage process, referred to as the full plans application. The first stage, or plan stage, involves the applicant submitting detailed plans for approval.

These plans are checked by a building control surveyor to ensure that all necessary information is shown and that it complies fully with the building regulations.

Wherever possible, applicants are given the opportunity to make any necessary amendments before either an approval, conditional approval or rejection is given.

The second stage, or inspection stage, starts when work starts on site. A series of site visits are made by a building control surveyor to check that the work proceeds in accordance with the plan and complies with the regulations.

For more simple works an alternative, called the building notice application, is also available together with more specialised application types to meet specific needs.

Full building plans application
Once a full building plans application has been received, it is checked to make sure that the forms have been adequately completed, and that the correct charge has been paid.

The application is then registered, and allocated to a building control surveyor for assessment.

The surveyor will examine the detailed plans and, if necessary, write to you if further information is required.

The surveyor is only concerned with regulations about building construction and fire safety and is not directly responsible for matters of planning permission.

If the plans submitted are satisfactory, or can be amended to be satisfactory within a two month period, then an approval notice will be sent to you together with a set of approved plans.

If plans are not satisfactory and are not amended, then we are obliged by law to reject your application within two months of the date that it was received.

Building notice application
Once a building notice application has been received, it is checked to make sure that the forms have been adequately completed, and that an appropriate site location plan and details have been submitted. The application is then registered.

Since the building notice procedure does not require the submission of detailed plans to us, the applicant does not receive a formal approval of plans notice. When the building control surveyor inspects your building work, you do not have the benefit of a set of approved detailed plans.

The person carrying out building work is required, by law, to give the council notice when that work is about to reach the following key stages.

When does our Surveyor inspect work?

  • Start of work (2 days)
  • Foundation excavated (1 day)
  • Foundation constructed (1 day)
  • Damp-proof course (1 day)
  • Ground floor over site (1 day)
  • Drains before backfilling (1 day)
  • Occupation/completion (5 days)
Provided that each stage of work has been notified and that the inspections have proved the work to be satisfactory, you will be issued with a completion certificate.

This is an important document, and will be of value if you decide to sell your property in the future.

A minimum of 24 hours notice for an inspection is generally required but please contact the building control office if you wish to speak to a surveyor about a particular arrangement.

Building Control Service

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Phone: 020 8227 3933

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