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What if ... 

We face a number of risks in Barking and Dagenham. Below, we highlight a few examples and suggest measures you can take in advance.

What if ... the River Roding burst its banks?
Do you know if your home is at risk from flooding? Flooding from the Rivers Beam, Roding and Thames is a significant risk in the Borough while the potential consequences of a reservoir wall failure are severe.

See our flooding advice page for more information.

What if ... there was a power cut for over 24 hours?
We all rely on electricity to meet our basic needs. As a result, losing power for a long period of time will cause massive inconvenience and could be life-threatening.

What if ... severe weather affected the region?
The UK can be affected by extreme weather conditions including severe gales, torrential rain, heavy snow and icy roads, thunderstorms and lightning, heat waves and dense fog. All of these hazards can affect the Borough.

What if ... a cloud of poisonous gas passed over the Borough?
In a city the size of London, there is always the risk of an accidental release of hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. In our borough, there is a specific risk to residents living near to TDG Chemicals Ltd. Read the Advice to residents distributed by TDG Chemicals.

What if ... radioactive materials contaminated the local environment?
There are no significant stores of radioactive materials in the borough. However harmful quantities could still contaminate the local environment either by accident or by malicious intent.

What if ... an infectious disease pandemic broke out?
The recent outbreak of swine 'flu did not have the catastrophic impact many had feared but an infectious disease pandemic remains one of the highest risks to the United Kingdom.

See our pandemic advice page for more information.

Borough flooding

River flooding
The Environment Agency estimates that approximately 525 properties within Barking and Dagenham are at 'significant' risk of flooding in any given year (1 in 75 chance) with a further 61 properties at 'moderate' risk (between 1 in 200 and 1 in 75 chance).

Use the Environment Agency's postcode search to see if your property is at risk from river flooding.

Surface water flooding
There is also the risk of surface water flooding as a result of rain water accumulating faster than it can drain away. Flatter and lower lying areas of the Borough are more vulnerable, particularly those located close to watercourses. This type of flooding is difficult to predict and can occur with little warning.

Tidal flooding
Thames tidal flooding is a risk for the southern areas of the borough, especially those south of the A13. The tidal defences in the borough include, raised defences, tidal sluice gates and the Barking barrier. This helps to provide the area with a good level of protection and help lower the risk of tidal flooding.

Simple ways to prepare
Barking and Dagenham Council recommends you prepare for any emergency by following our P.L.A.N. advice.

Flood warnings
Sign up for the Environment Agency's flood warnings.

Flood plan
Make a flood plan to help prepare before you are flooded.

Prepare your home or business
Find out how to prepare your home or business.

What is a pandemic?

A pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease, spreading through human populations across a large region, or even worldwide. It results from a new disease strain emerging to which human populations have limited or no immunity.

Swine flu in 2009 was the most recent pandemic to affect the UK and while it caused a number of deaths, the impact was significantly lower than first feared. The impact of a future pandemic remains potentially catastrophic however - it continues to be one of the highest risks to the UK.

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